Anderson Peak Easement

Anderson Peak Easement

~ by moonbouncer on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Anderson Peak Easement”

  1. This observatory must be saved is a very nice instrument!!
    With the high speed movement it could be used to move
    fast to new objects warnings and make high resolution

    Henk Peek,
    Meber of CAMRAS: a group which has saved the first 25 meter
    radio telescope in Dweingeloo,The Netherlands

  2. I tested the prototype I developed of the SUPER RADOT system here in the mid 1970s — People don’t realize how bad light pollution is today and hard it is to find a dark site for astronomy. It would be a great loss to see this disassembled, and wake up some years from now and wish we had it.

  3. Hello,
    I stumbled upon this site and was immediately captured by the topic. Who would not try to save this wonderful 36″ instrument? It was be a blow to science and discovery if the will of one cranky landowner dictated the outcome based on his selfish motivations. Obviously, he leads a hermit life style so any “humans” in the area bugs him. I for one believe that saving the telescope is much more important to the numerous people who would love to have access to it than to cower down to one recluse. Access must be maintained and the telescope saved in the name of science.

    Has anything happened to this situation since 2009? I could not find any followup information on this site. Has it been resolved favorably? I hope it has.

    John Shutz
    Sacramento, Ca.

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